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World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles
Seit Jahren werden überall auf der Welt immer wieder UFO-Sichtungen gemeldet – in Buenos Aires, Seoul, Frankreich, Deutschland, China. Aber 2011 wird aus diesen Beobachtungen eine furchteinflößende Gefahr: Die Erde wird auf einmal von unbekannten Streitmächten angegriffen. Während die Menschen weltweit machtlos mit ansehen müssen, wie ihre Städte dieser Invasion zum Opfer fallen, wird Los Angeles der letzte Zufluchtsort der Menschheit in einem Krieg, den keiner sich vorzustellen wagte. Ein Marine-Unteroffizier und seine Truppe haben den Auftrag, eine letzte Verteidigungslinie zu errichten und sich dem Kampf gegen den übermächtigen Feind zu stellen. Ein Feind, wie er ihnen noch nie zuvor begegnet ist …
Title World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles
Release Date 2011-03-08
Genres Action Science Fiction
Production Companies Columbia Pictures, Relativity Media, Original Film
Production Countries United States of America


When it comes to violent film - I'm divided. I don't go out of my way to watch movies about actual, historical battles, because I know that real people died (or were physically or mentally crippled); sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers . . . even children. The prospect of of reliving those tragic (even if heroic) deaths is too painful for me. And yet, give me an alien invasion and I'm "all up in that". I find the fantasy of war exciting, and yet I have to be aware of how such films glorify violence; glorify war. I'm conflicted, enjoying this guilty pleasure. I'm a little surprised by the low rating. Have there been too many movies of this sort? a burnout by the viewing public? A burnout - when it comes to war? Another sign that we might be a war-weary nation / world? As for me, I don't watch a lot of flicks, so I'm not "burnt out" when it comes to military action films. So, this was not "same-o, same-o" for me. I thought the script was impressively tight. That applies to character development as well; quick snap-shot profiles; a glance, a nod and you had pretty much all you needed to know about this or that character. I'm not a fan of the "shaky-cam", but I thought it was well employed in some of the battle scenes. I've never been in such a situation, but I think the camera gave us that sense of heart-pounding, out of control terror that being shot at and bombed can produce; often no knowing even where the fire is coming from as you hunker down and question your very soul. Yes, this is a familiar theme - seasoned tough old lifer in charge of a bunch of kids - typical of many such films (Heartbreak Ridge comes to mind; many more). I wonder, also, if there is more of a connection with military vets; something the civilian population can never really get (no offense; just fact; I served but never got shot at)? From my experience, I thought the military portrayal was pretty spot on (military gear, tactics, fallibility, rank, age differences, rancor, "I got your 6", sense of duty and dedication to mission; never give up, never surrender). Predictable formula script? sure, in some ways, but I found plenty of surprises as well. Maybe if I watched this sort of film all the time, I'd be as cynical as many here. I really enjoyed this film (gave it 8/10; probably would have given it 7 1/2, but it deserves better than what I see others giving it). Recent revelations from sources such Bigelow and Elizondo, have all but confirmed that we are being visited by aliens. And, who knows, maybe they will decide to harvest our water before we contaminate it any further, as we creep and crawl closer and closer to our own nuclear annihilation.

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