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Eine neue berufliche Herausforderung in Hongkong wird zum Albtraum für den Kriegsveteranen und ehemaligen FBI-Einsatzchef Will Sawyer, der im The Pearl, dem mit 240 Stockwerken höchsten Wolkenkratzer der Welt, für Sicherheit sorgen soll. Kaum hat Will sein Amt angetreten, kommt es zur Katastrophe: Die 96. Etage steht plötzlich in Flammen. In den Stockwerken darüber ist seine Familie eingeschlossen, ohne eine realistische Chance auf Rettung. Zu seinem Entsetzen wird er auch noch beschuldigt, die Feuersbrunst selbst entfacht zu haben! Verzweifelt versucht Sawyer, die Brandstifter zu finden, seine Familie aus dem flammenden Inferno zu retten und seine Unschuld zu beweisen.
Title Skyscraper
Release Date 2018-07-11
Genres Action
Production Companies Flynn Picture Company, Legendary Entertainment, Seven Bucks Productions
Production Countries United States of America


Jedi Burrell
You might expect a former FBI agent to be able to handle a gun, or protect himself at gunpoint. But you sure as hell don’t expect a doctor to, and yet, Sarah Sawyer can not only steal a gun pointed at her, she can stop a burning building’s fire without even being in the building! Will Sawyer’s posed with a challenge when the tablet that he was for some reason given with full control of the security system and just about everything else about the building, gets stolen, the building set on fire, and his family stuck above the fire with little means to get out. Will, who is now a suspect, takes it upon himself to enter the burning building, get his family, and leave the burning building. This isn’t as easy as that sounds, because there’s a MacGuffin to be gotten and the people that set the building on fire will stop at nothing to get it. Oh, and did I mention **he only has one leg!** _Minor spoilers ahead._ Skyscraper was extremely predictable, the only thing I didn’t see coming was the fact that they wasted five minutes of our time showing Will telling Sarah to turn off and back on her phone to fix it, just to set up the ending where Sarah turns off and back on the building to stop the fire. The one thing I did enjoy from this film was near the ending when they’re in _The Pearl_, but you don’t watch a movie for a single scene. Rawson Thurber should stick to comedy, where he has experience. This is a waste of the $125,000,000 it took to make it, and it’s a waste of the $12 to watch it. Skip this one.

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