I, Robot

Ein Mann sah es voraus.
I, Robot
Chicago, 2035: Fast jeder Haushalt verfügt über einen Roboter. Die hoch entwickelten Maschinenwesen verrichten für ihre Besitzer alltägliche Arbeiten wie Einkäufe erledigen oder den Hund ausführen. Spezielle Sicherheitsvorkehrungen in der Programmierung sorgen für ein ungefährliches Zusammenleben mit den Menschen. Nur der leicht paranoide Detective Del Spooner traut ihnen nicht. Als er in einem Mordfall ermittelt, in dem der Roboter Sonny der Hauptverdächtige ist, sieht er sich in seinem Misstrauen bestätigt. Mit Hilfe der Roboterpsychologin Dr. Susan Calvin versucht Del Spooner den mysteriösen Fall zu lösen und macht dabei eine schreckliche Entdeckung.


John Chard
I, Robot (2004), holding it's own in the genre pantheon? I, Robot has a fan base that I'm glad to say has kept this film from drifting down into the depths of bad blockbuster sci-fi ratingville. I remember upon the film's release how so many people were wary of if Will Smith could carry the film? The concerns from Isaac Asimov's fans about a sacrilegious take on his legacy etc etc. Truth is is that I, Robot is an amalgamation of sci-fi ideas, from the suggestion of Asimov to the novel of the same name from Eando Binder, it's a mix that ultimately gives us a cop versus sci-fi conspiracy picture, that is sure as hell entertaining if taken on popcorn terms. Having just watched this again for the first time in a year or so, I found that it still hits the mark to me as a real tidy genre piece with a solid heart beat to keep it thought provoking. A futuristic mystery is smartly realised by Alex Proyas' directing in the manner befitting the subject, and of course Will Smith handles the entertaining action lead role with much ease. However, the main triumph (outside of the story) is Alan Tudyk as our computer generated protagonist Sonny, the voice and humanist movements are brilliantly brought to life by him and it's a real pleasure to observe. Great visuals (Oscar nominated), top story, kinetic action, better than average acting (though Bridget Moynahan struggles to convince as a boffin at times), and we get a perfect nights entertainment for someone looking for a rental that safely delivers what it says on the robotic shaped tin. 7.5/10

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